About Colleen Avedisian

My passion for natural health began over 30 years ago with my nursing career. While working as a nurse, I became aware that our current "healthcare" system was limited to symptom management & disease care by way of prescription medicine and surgery. I became disillusioned with conventional medicine's focus on disease management instead of prevention.

I believe we must live life with respect for the gifts we have been blessed with, our amazing body, mind and spirit. We must live a natural lifestyle if we are to expect robust health. Only then can we have a strong immune system that will enable us to fight the daily exposures that we are all faced with.

My journey really blossomed at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and opened up a whole new world and way of thinking for me. I studied massage therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies & colon therapy--just to name a few. After raising three children, I have again returned to school to pursue my degree as a Naturopath. While I am deepening my knowledge, my practice is slowly shifting from bodywork to a passion for teaching and encouraging others to live a more holistic natural life.