Here are product lines I use in my practice.

HALE - Hemp Oil Extract. Hemp Oil Extract will not make you feel "high" and is non-psychoactive with numerous beneficial properties. Hemp Oil Extract is refined hemp oil containing a concentration of more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, or CBD, are a remarkable class of compounds that have demonstrated significant potential for addressing a wide array of health needs. Problems being addressed with Hemp Oil Extract include but are not limited to: anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mood disorders, joint and muscle discomfort, inflammation, immune system challenges, and oxidative stress. The science speaks! To date, there have been more than 1,500 studies investigating cannabinoids and their effect on the body. Hemp Oil Extract is a modern health game-changer.

Nature's Sunshine - recommended by Health Care Practitioners around the world. The pioneer of encapsulated herbs. One of my favorite products from NS is their liquid Chlorophyll, which I add to my drinking water. You can place orders directly with Natures Sunshine and pay retail price or become a member and receive products at a discount. I'd be happy to assist you in becoming a member. ID# 2873052

Shaklee - I've used this product line for over 20 years with great success. I'm in love with Shaklee's GREEN Healthy Home Products one of my favorites is Basic H household cleaner and Basic G  germicide. Liquid laundry soap as well as fabric softner without toxic chemical safe for my family as well as our septic tank.  They have an awesome multi-vitamins, b-complex etc... You can place orders directly with Shaklee and pay retail price or become a member and receive products at a discount. I'd be happy to assist you in becoming a member. ID# BD91426

Young Living Essential Oils - Young Living is a World leader in Essential Oil production. These are the oils that I use in my practice. I was 1st introduced to this line in my Naturopathic training. You can place orders directly with Young LIving and pay retail price or become a member and receive oils at a discount. I'd be happy to assist you in becoming a member. My sponser and enrollee ID is #1307003. For more information, see

Bach Flower Remedies~Flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach Flower essences are exquisitely refined herbal infusions, acting as Nature's "liquid messengers" of inner health and harmony. They are highly effective, non-toxic herbal preparations that address core issues of wellness---especially emotions, stress,mental attitude, spiritual values, and life purpose.  Bringing balance in these areas is a major factor in developing sound mind-body health.

Fill out the Bach Flower essence questionare and I can make up a small individual dropper bottle for your personal use.

Bach Flower Therapy helps remove negative emotional and spiritual patterns which are blockages for the healing process.

Here are some sources for natural products:

Local Farmers Markets - practically every community offers a farmers market during harvest seasons from June-September, some markets are even held year round. Many farmers offer grass fed beef, free range poultry, honey, bones for making bone broth.

The Organic section in your favorite grocery store - a good source for natural product lines. Talk to the store managers and ask them to carry more organic product lines.

The internet - a simple search on Google will reveal a multitude of mail-order companies with extensive selections. Please support your local resources first, but the internet is a great option for hard-to-find products.